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Football betting tips and consulting services

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Betting tips, betting strategies and statistical reports powered by our algorithms to identify value bets.


Professional services for quantitatively evaluating your own betting strategies.

Data (Coming Soon)

Years of football odds and analytics data used to power our algorithm will soon be available via an API.


Transparency, algorithms and data

Our first football betting algorithm was first developed in 2020 by leveraging our expertise in cloud technology, data engineering and quantitative finance to identify value bets in European Football.

Now, after three years of research and analysis conducted over seven years of historical data we produce thousands of algorithmic Betting Tips. Our bets are 100% generated by our algorithms which are powered by our data warehouse and backtesting engines.

We generate monthly performance reports to ensure complete transparency.

Our values:

  • Transparency
  • Systematic
  • Data Driven

Football Betting Tips - FAQ

  • We run multiple betting strategies in the cloud that employs a value-based, expected goals (xG) approach. To find out more, you can read this article or watch this video.

  • A bet where the outcome is more likely than the odds offered by the bookies. Taking these bets consistently over time is profitable, regardless of individual outcome probabilities.

  • All of our bets are available by talking to our Telegram bot. You can access our free Telegram channel by clicking here.

  • We currently cover the five major European football leagues: The Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Série A & Ligue 1. We're going to expand to other leagues this season.

  • All betting strategies have their own individual performance reports and you can find the respective performance report on our Betting Tips page.

  • You can read more about our model on our Medium Publication.

  • Our algorithms calculate "true odds" based on the previous six games that a team has played. We do not believe that pre-season friendlies reflect a teams actual season performance.

Our Team

Liam Hartley sat on a balcony in London

Liam Hartley


Liam built the foundations of our football betting algorithm before leading our cloud infrastructure and client engagement.

Liam completed his MSci in Quantum Physics before working as a Data Engineer for the UKs largest asset manager, afterwards he led a team of 17 Data Engineers to create pipelines to process data for over 50 million retail customers.

Estèphe Corlin headshot

Estèphe Corlin


Estèphe focuses on running the data warehouse and backtesting engines to develop our betting strategies and models.

He was previously a Quantitative Developer in equity markets, before working as a Product Manager at a quant technologies FinTech company. Estèphe graduated with a masters in Engineering from Imperial College aged 17.

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